Wllinor Woolly Rhino

Wllinor Woolly Rhino
Wllinor the Woolly Rhino is best mates with Thorben the sabre-toothed polar bear. Oh, the mischief they get into! Wllinor believes he's the more handsome of the two, with his luxurious woolly coat and impressive horn.

Native to the area between Western Europe and East Asian during the Middle and Late Pleistocene. The woolly rhinoceros used to reach an age of 40-45 years and hardly differs from our modern-day rhinos. Adult woolly rhinos had hardly any natural enemies and were attacked only rarely by Eurasian cave lions. Numerous pieces of anatomical evidence indicate that the woolly rhinoceros fed on grass.

Wllinor measures 26cm tall when standing, and 42cm long. He's lovely and plush.
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