Charlie Bears Jack & Jill Mice Set

Charlie Bears Jack & Jill  Mice Set
Charlie Bears Jack and Jill Set of 2 mice.

Jack and Jill are a darling pair of mice. Their fur is silky soft - Jill's is a pale lilac and Jack's is light grey. Jill wears a lovely lilac satin dress with white trip, a matching hat and pantaloons. Jack is wearing a smart pair of grey overalls with a matching hat. They complement one another beautifully. With hand-stitched noses and happy glass eyes, these two are surely up to mischief. The pads on their hands and feet are grey. These mice have jointed arms, legs and neck, making them very posable.

Measuring 32 cm lying down and 23cm sitting

Jack And Jill Mice is part of the ANYTHING IS PAWSIBLE 2020 Charlie Bears Collection by Charlie Bears. A limited edition of 1000 pieces worldwide.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Size: 35cm lying down and 22cm when sitting.

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